MGR and Medical Admissions

Corruption-Free Governance During Initial Years – AIADMK Making a Mockery of it all!

When MG Ramachandran (MGR) became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in the late 70s, I was doing my Pre-University Course (I think it was the last batch before it was replaced by the 10+2 system). I had zero interest in medicine or engineering as I had mapped an educational and career path beyond these popular areas.

A few of my cousins, though, had set their sights on medicine. They were among the early beneficiaries of MGR’s clean, corruption-free governance without political interference in admissions. 

They went on to become very successful doctors (specialising in cardiology, paediatrics, etc.), with one of them a gold medallist.

MGR rose to power by exposing corruption in the previous DMK-led government.

mgr-3, from Indian Express

Collusion with BJP

Now, as the State celebrates his birth centenary, the party he founded is in tatters while still clinging on to power, helmed by the most corrupt people in the history of Tamil Nadu.

MGR – Picture from Indian Express

Worse, they colluded with the BJP government at the Centre and shortchanged medical aspirants in the State, leading to the suicide of one of the brightest students in Tamil Nadu, who failed in her bid to get medical admission despite scoring 1176 / 1200 against heavy odds.

Their success mantra: loot all you can, sacrifice the interests of the State and sing the glory of MGR and his protégé, Jayalalitha, a corruption-convict!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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